How to make your treatment go by faster…

I’m sure everyone is wondering how to make orthodontic treatment go by faster?

First things first always keep your appointment. This is important because you need to adjust your bands to keep those teeth moving properly. If it is invisalign you are wearing those to need appropriate adjustment.

Make sure you keep your teeth clean if you do not floss or brush this will cause cavities and prolong treatment. Make sure you take proper care of your invisalign. These instructions are given to you at your initial appointment. If you have misplaced these instructions please call our office and we will gladly go over with you how to care for your invisalign.

Also make sure to always wear your elastic rubber bands the hours and times you are supposed to, if you do not wear the bands this will cause you to extend the time you are in your braces.

Remember for discomfort rotate Tylenol and Ibuprofen make sure you take the appropriate amount according to the bottle. If you have a sore spot apply the wax, this will give you relief


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